How do I use LearningPlanet?


Well just to make it really easy we haven't written a thick step by step guide, guess what? We made a video for you!  Click here for the video introduction


How do I ensure I / my team get the most out of LearningPlanet?

We want to ensure you get the most of out the system and maximise the learning ability.  To help you we have created learning pathways.  These are suggested videos to cover off for a topic such as managing difficult customers or sales etc. For an example of these pathways you can see some samples here: Click here for the sample pathways.



What content is covered in the videos within LearningPlanet?


As you can imagine this is an ever-changing list as we are adding new videos each month. So simply click on the courses tab and you will see all the category headings which you can either click on a specific topic or you can search using the search function.

Don't forget we are always interested in hearing from you if you feel there is a topic we should have a video on, providing we can make it generic enough, we will put it up so keep the suggestions coming!

I can't see the videos, what should I do?


This may because your IT Dept has very good security and they are trying to protect you and your work from all those nasty nasty people and bugs out there. Firstly check with your IT guru's and see if they are locking down your system (if they are, take cream buns and ask very nicely if they will release the LearningPlanet site as the videos are embedded in the site) if they aren't then drop us an email  to mission control - and we can look into that issue for you.


I have lost my log in details, what should I do?


What???!!  Pesky things those log in details, you have to ensure you keep them in a safe place or else they do tend to escape!  Email mission control - and we can look those details up for you.


My password won’t work


Firstly check you are looking at the correct web page not anything else.  Sometimes we humans forget the correct address and out of habit type our country URL or miss a dot.

Still not working?

Email mission control - and they can look those details up for you and find out why it’s not playing nicely. It will then be told off and sent back to you to work properly.

Where do I log in to use LearningPlanet?


 You know what, we’ll make it really easy for you, click on the link below and your hunt will be over! Click Here for the log in screen.

I have changed my name can I change my log in to show this?


Once your log in is set up your persona is who you are unless you wish to cancel out of the system completely and re sign up. This would mean a loss of all that history and proof that you did actually use the system so it’s probably not worth it. But hey feel free if you really, really want to!

I have found some errors in LearningPlanet material


What??!! That is unacceptable and the staff responsible for that page will be severely told off! If you could just email mission control the details of the video name or just a link to the page and what the error was you found we’ll jump right on it!


My payment system is about to change what should I do?

Email mission control - and we can look those details up for you.


Some of the staff signed up for LearningPlanet have left what do I do?


Please Email mission control - and we can look those details up for you and the required changes will be made for you and your account will be updated. We may need you to adjust your monthly billing but you will be given any details of what’s required.


How long do I have access to LearningPlanet for?


For as long as you keep paying the monthly bill. If you find you do not have access, check with your manager first, accounts team or credit card bill. If that is all OK, then heads will roll at this end to find out who dropped the ball and timed out your account.


I no longer wish to subscribe to LearningPlanet, how do I can cancel my membership?


Really? Are you sure you want to stop having access to this great content? If you are, we'll be sorry to see you go but you can just email mission control - and we will keep you plugged in until the next payment cycle, then we'll cast you off into outer space. However, there's always a lifeline. If you want to rejoin at any time, send an email to and we'll get you reconnected!